Why should you care about me? Simple answer – you shouldn’t.  But you likely care about what I can do for you.

I have been in the communications business all my life.  I wrote my first report about destroyers (the ship) as a child.  As an architect and planner, I was able to put ideas into form (plans, etc.) and then sell them to clients and governmental agencies.

Later, I studied copywriting and discovered that it was the same as architecture, only this time I was putting ideas into words.  Same creative process.

Along the way, I have studied and applied personal growth and spirituality and written on these subjects.

For a while, I taught seminars on how to start a consulting business.  After all, I have been a consultant most of my professional life.  This was especially gratifying, for it was a time when skilled people were seeking income options.

LifePrint is about communications – in the world of business and in your personal world of connecting and communicating with aspects of self.

I’m in Phoenix, Arizona and some of what I do can be done at a distance.  Let’s talk.



LifePrint Consulting is a division of Vestigium LLC

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