Content & Copywriting

It has been claimed that “content is king.”  To offer another view…

Content is Connection

In this digitally noisy world, it is exceeding difficult to engage with people.  It is more important than ever to establish a connection to generate business.  Do this by providing relevant and helpful information.  Plus, the use of stories can be dynamic. 

You don’t need to pitch constantly.  People want trustworthy, reliable sources of information.  If they trust you, they will turn to you when they are ready to seek a solution or make a purchase.

How do you do this…

Blog posts




Press Releases





Case Studies

Then there’s the still valid old-fashioned ways…


Professional Organization involvement



Direct Mail

Don’t use all of these.  We work with you to select the most appropriate for your target market, your message and, of course, budget.

Steve is an inspired business professional who is centered and has a happy giving heart. His WORDS are MAGIC and his work ethic is amazing. If you want to take your business to the next level and attract other like minded people, meeting Steve is a MUST!

Karen Malta – Founder of Angels Fly 4 Ever”

“Steve is a copywriter that creates content for websites and other marketing materials. He does an outstanding job with article marketing. Helping people and companies be seen and drive traffic to their websites.”

Rich Williams, Vacations Benefits Specialist, Rovia,