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         Enjoy Steve’s blend of humor and insights to understand how people and businesses really work.
An experienced trainer and facilitator, Steve has presented to a variety of business and growth oriented groups.  He is the author of books on personal growth and consulting. He is also a copywriter and marketing consultant for small businesses. His focus is on a strategic approach and helping clients create effective marketing messages. He has deep experience with professional service firms as a board member, marketing director, department director, and general manager. Steve has designed and entitled development projects in 5 states.         Steve has presented seminars on how to start and build a consulting business and on realizing personal potentials.     It is always a valuable asset to have the experience to support the information shared.      J. Urlacher, Calgary, Canada   Very dynamic.  Examples of points very relevant to businesses presented.  Great ideas to immediately utilize.  
    Nancy Kipp, Phoenix, AZ   ●   For information, contact steve at 602-821-8823
  ReLaunch Reinvent self and work to thrive in a new economy.  The world is changing and if we don’t too, we will be lost in the dust.  ReLaunch self and succeed in any marketplace.   Forget Branding – Connect Instead Harness the power of brand messaging and differentiating. See how the key to being found and recognized in the marketplace is easy – once you understand what business you are really in.   How to Start & Succeed in your own Consulting or Coaching Business From start-up to marketing, there are key success factors for consultants and ways to grow your business in any market.  Understand… What your client fears What you must demonstrate to the client How to become known as an trusted authority in your industry   Connect and Sell with Content Marketing Stop competing on price.  Become an industry leader by positioning to build trust, reputation and authority.  When you are an expert, buyers will seek you out.   Your Karmic Footprint – How Thoughts & Feelings Create Destiny Enjoy an empowering perspective on personal awareness, power and creativity.  Discover how you can create the life you deserve and achieve your personal destiny. How to achieve greater awareness How you can you learn to be harmless How to be an agent for change & transformation   How Businesses Really Work (from the Inside Out) – Intuition, Creativity, & the Power of the Subconscious   Discover the hidden side of business.  Understand the conscious and unconscious forces that influence business success.  See a business from the standpoint of energy flow and how blocks can be overcome, integrating dynamic growth into your career, including: the power of the subconscious, dealing with a business as a living organism, building personal authority, manifesting a personal mission, and more.   Other Topics: 7 Steps to a Unique Brand Message Create your own Business Success Funnel Your Brand Identity   Types: Keynote; Motivational; Informational; Seminar/panel Format:  20 minutes and up to 3-day seminar. Custom presentations as requested.