Your customers and clients don’t care what you do.

Yes, you have a message, but is it clear and compelling?  And are you reaching your ideal customer?

Many people and businesses wander around talking about what they do and forget that their customer doesn’t want what they do – they want their problem solved or need fulfilled.

Some have a challenge articulating their personal or business message.  No surprise, it is difficult to do, especially since the message is the result of who you are, not the cause.

To create a dynamic meaningful message requires some introspection and self identification (rather than the common term branding).  Here are several approaches to do this:

  • Ultimate Social Media Profile:  follow our formula and you can articulate your personal or professional message that is meaningful to your audience
  • Business Messaging Platform – creating a consistent and meaningful message to guide all of your marketing efforts – across all platforms.
  • Brand vision – the perfect statement that encapsulates your business – ideal as a basis for business decision making.  How?  It is an easy measure to know if a new idea is consistent with you overall vision.

“Steve has been very helpful providing me with ideas to develop an opening statement that will get potential clients interested in my services.”

Maggie Kasparek