It’s a drip, not a shower…

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Drip, drip…

You likely have heard of drip marketing. The idea being to provide a continuous stream of follow-up contacts to you prospect or client list.

The theory is – and it is mostly true – that you stay top-of-mind, so that when your prospect is ready to buy you are the first one to be called.

However, many take the shower approach. In other works, you are contacted with such frequency and intensity that it can be overwhelming. I am like you. It can reach a point that the impulse – and often action – it to turn it off. What ever freebie that was the first enticement is no longer wanted, the digital noise has drowned-out the message and the irritation grows. Unsubscribe. And sometimes even that doesn’t stop it.

The idea of drip marketing is still valid. You do need to remind people you are still around – AND you need to establish a relationship of trust. This is important. Think of the person who is always asking something of you. You are regularly pestered for this or that.

Now consider the person you meet who wants to have a conversation. Who often offers ideas or value to you – for no good reason.

Who would you rather associate with?

The latter, of course. And this is the kind of drip marketing you should do. Act as a helpful friend.

Now, what does this look like?

Of course it depends on your industry and the nature of the relationship and offering, but I suggest a frequency of 30 days. This may be after several days of promised tips, or a sequence of information pieces. As always, test this and see if you get any increase in opt-outs or negative feedback.

Another key guideline is the content. Don’t pitch. The purpose is to provide valuable and helpful information. This should always predominate. Any sales should be short, no more than 20% of the content, better less and not pressure.

Just image how you would like to get an email. You want it worthwhile, be usable and you don’t want to be pressured.

Merely apply the golden rule to marketing – treat others the way you wish to be treated and your ‘drip’ will be more effective.

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