It’s Alive…

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That’s what Dr. Frankenstein said when he saw his new web site.

The good doctor had originally gotten a typical web site on the cheap.  The teenage web designer had dutifully created a home page with about us, contact, and services offered tabs.  What more could be needed?

Of course, the site sat there – like a tombstone – occasionally scanned by passersby with little more than a momentary glance.

Where had our doctor gone wrong?  Why was his site lifeless and irrelevant?

Simple, he failed to create a site that would advance his marketing strategy.  He needed a site to support his monstrous ambitions, but didn’t go the extra step to energize it.


Rather than start with a site design, he should have created a marketing strategy – then develop a site that would embrace his strategy.

Here are several simple steps to accomplish this.

  1. Define the overall marketing message:  some call it brand; some call it USP (unique selling proposition).  The name doesn’t matter, but this is simply that factor or concept that is unique to you – your product or service.  This considers target market/s and benefits you provide.
  2. Decide what your web presence (that’s presence, not necessarily just a site) needs to be to accomplish your message.  This could take the form of a web site, or a blog (looks and acts just like a web site), or the traditional squeeze page.  And, of course, don’t forget the ever present social media platforms.
  3. Add the results desired:  sales (for products) or lead generation (for products and services).
  4. Tie-in relevant keywords and make sure the site text is optimized, too.
  5. Identify other modes that will drive traffic and action, such as:
    1. Inbound links
    2. Directory listings
    3. Email campaigns
    4. Freebees, such as special reports, white papers, e-letters, etc.
    5. Consider other revenue generators

Now, relax, this doesn’t need to be done all at once.  A phased process is fine.  But start today.

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