Why should I care?

In marketing pieces and even one-on-one conversations, our tendency is to talk about what we do. This is the kiss of death.

Why? Most people don’t care. Most likely they are waiting to talk about what they do.

Our goal in such interactions is to find a way to connect. With connection there is mutual interest or value identified that has meaning. How is this done?

Forget features. By features I mean the specs or measureables of what you do, such as size, speed, what it does, etc. An example is a drill. A drill has certain power specifications, bit types, size, weight, flexibility, etc. These are the items that describe performance.

And this is where we spend most of our time – communicating the features of what we offer.

Instead focus on benefits. This is more difficult to do, for we must put ourselves into our customers perspective. In our drill example, what people want is a “hole.” Yes, its that simple. People do not really want a drill, they want what a drill does for them.

This is the key for connecting. Give people what they want, solve their problems, or relieve their pains or frustrations. Once the benefit is known, then a person will want to know the features.

Turn your messaging upside down with what you normally do, then your messages will be right side up in terms of connecting.

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